A Little About Us

Good IMG_2339 editWe are a family of five following Jesus where he leads.  Matt worked as a physical therapist, Kris as a homeschooling mom, and the kids at charming their way into more dessert, game time, books, etc.  We are pressing in to the Lord’s call for our family: faith-supported, full-time ministry at Hogar de Vida (Home of Life) for at-risk children in Atenas, Costa Rica.

Approximately one-third of the funding needed to care for those precious little ones comes from hosting teams from the United States.  Our heart is to help receive the short-term teams and pour into them as they experience the love of the Father in a new setting.  In doing this, we can help support the needs of children who weren’t safe living with their own families.  We know firsthand that the Lord changes lives on both sides of the border through global journeys.  This focus of our efforts goes hand in hand with loving on the children and staff at the Home, and channeling each team’s unique strengths into the maximum blessing for the Home of Life family.  We landed in Costa Rica in August of 2013 and stayed eardrum-deep in language school until mid-June 2014.  After saying adios to our time of classroom language learning, we began our new life serving in Atenas.

The purpose of this blog is to keep you posted on what the Lord is doing with us (our hearts, our stuff, our location) as we walk through this journey.  We hope that as He works through us, we can use our words and pictures to share His goodness with you.

Photographer’s Note:  We really wish we could share closeups of the sweet faces at the Home of Life here on this site.  However, the government of Costa Rica wishes to protect their privacy and safety by prohibiting online sharing of their portraits.  So we get to showcase our own niños and the local scenery instead.  Photographs on this site are not available for use without prior permission, unless otherwise credited.

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