A Little About Us

Good IMG_2339 editWe are a family of five following Jesus where he leads. We landed in Costa Rica, August of 2013 with a heart-stopping miracle.  Matt as the Executive President, Kris with words and food, the kids with individual flair, we nurture at-risk children and host teams at Hogar de Vida  (Home of Life) in Atenas, Costa Rica.

Through everything from hauling branches to official communication, from diaper changes to strategic leadership, we are here to serve.

Approximately one-third of the funding needed to care for these precious little ones comes from hosting U.S. mission teams.  We coordinate and receive them,  guiding each unique group to help Hogar de Vida create a safe space for children to heal and learn about Jesus.  We see faith grow and new kingdom waves spread on both sides of the border.  It’s a privilege to meet so many amazing people along the way.

The purpose of this blog is to keep you posted on what the Lord is doing with us, in us, and through us, as we walk this journey.  We hope our words and pictures will give you a fresh view of his goodness.

Photographer’s Note:  We wish you could see the sweet faces at the Home of Life.  However, the government of Costa Rica protects their privacy and safety by prohibiting online sharing of their portraits.  We get to show off the local scenery and our own children instead.  Photographs on this site are not available for use without prior permission, unless otherwise credited.